Your Career Clarity
Call Helps you...
Clarify what needs to happen in order for you to be certain that your next career move is the right one.
Identify what it takes to know that your next career move will be aligned with your passions.
Understand how to identify and release limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns that have been holding you back from making a change.
Implement a plan for taking decisive action that will allow you to successfully change your career and find your purpose.
What are the results of past Career Clarity Calls?

Real Estate Professional

“I was extremely frustrated, confused and needed professional guidance on clarifying my next career move. Adam provided a blueprint of what I envisioned and he helped me accomplish my goal and it came true!”
- Bryan Chaffee

Healthcare Professional

“Adam is an extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, and encouraging career coach. Searching for the right career can be overwhelming, however Adam always kept the goal clear in sight and made every objective seem tangible. Every coaching session left me feeling more and more inspired.”
- Mallory Enquist

Operations Manager

"I was feeling stuck and unfulfilled. We worked to identify the types of positions that would give me fulfillment and professional growth. I ultimately landed the exact type of job I was looking for." 
- Henry Seel
Who is Adam Mitchell-Hardt?
Career Change Coach &
Founder of Purpose Is the Way
Adam Mitchell-Hardt is a top-ranked Career Coach and Creator of the Leap of Faith Career Change Coaching Program.

Adam helps unfulfilled professionals get clear on their passion and purpose so they can finally know what it means to love what they do.

If you’re feeling stuck in your career and you don’t know how to change the path you’re on…

Adam’s career change program is specifically designed to help you identify your dream career and guide you through the entire job search process.

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