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"Adam's demeanor made me instantly comfortable opening up about topics that I've played close to my chest in the past. Because of that we're able to dig in and do work that is incredibly impactful and has started shaping my future. I honestly can't thank Adam enough for helping me uncover my own ability to shape my destiny."
- Earl Carlson
"Adam can be a therapist as much as a coach. In our conversations, Adam accurately gauged my priorities and incorporated into our work aspects of mindfulness and self-care that are super important to me. He fosters that level of trust that's so critical as you begin to dig in and do the work that he is asking you to do. He is at once calming and motivating, forward-thinking yet alert to the myriad unforeseen pitfalls that can crop up in any journey into the unknown. Adam is extremely gifted at what he does!"
- Linda Stevenson
“Deciding to invest in Adam’s coaching program may have been the best business decision I could have made. It was a little scary at first not knowing what the results were going to be. You soon come to realize that you are in very capable hands.”
- Peter Jensen
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